Measuring CupsMeasuring cups might seem like a strange topic for a post, but I feel rather passionate about my newest measuring cups.  The reason I feel so strongly about them is because they are awesome!

My previous measuring cups were flawed, but I did not know it when I bought them.  The flaw is that the size of each cup was stamped onto the cups.  Over time, the stamp wore away, until the sizes were completely gone.  Although the cups were still fully functional, I didn’t know what size they were.  If I am going to learn to cook, then I need to be able to accurately measure ingredients when I am cooking recipes.

I took a trip to my local kitchen store to buy a new set of cups, and I was very surprised to see that every set, but one, had the sizes stamped on.  The price of the cups did not matter.  The most expensive cups at the store I was in was about $10, but I knew that they would eventually become useless once the stamping wore off.

The one set that had the sizing made as a part of each cup also happened to be the least expensive.  I was shocked to see that this set cost just 99 cents.  Not only did it have the sizes imprinted into the handle, where it would never wear off, the cups were also indented so that I could fill the cups partially and accurately.

What I mean by this is that the One Cup size was indented at 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup intervals, so I could fill to just those sizes.  Each cup did this for its own unique sizes.  Confused?  Just watch the video below to see what I’m talking about.

I realize that there are cup sets made from metal that have the sizes imprinted into the handles, as my plastic cups do, and I probably would have bought them had my store stocked them, but they didn’t.  Then again, if they had both metal cups and the plastic ones I ended up buying, I probably would have still bought the plastic ones because of the amazing price.

The entire purpose of this post is to make you aware the fact that stamped sizes wear off over time, so make sure the cups you buy do not have stamped sizes.

My cups came from Bed, Bath & Beyond and I think they were made specifically for the store.  If you have one of these stores near you, it will pay to check it out to see if you can also get these inexpensive measuring cups at less than $1, as I did.

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