Saute LettuceEarlier this week my refrigerator broke (or so I thought – it just needed to be reset) and we had to move a lot of food from our kitchen fridge to our extra one in the garage.  While moving foods I noticed that we had some lettuce that was starting to wilt, and I wondered if there was anything we could do with it other than throw it out.

Turns out, there is.  Some of you are probably laughing at me right now and know what’s coming up.  Just remember that I’m still learning how to cook, and go easy on me.

I learned that you can cut up your wilted lettuce (this is lettuce that is not slimy or rotten, merely losing its water content and no longer crisp), then chop up a few garlic cloves.  Add some olive oil to a pan and heat it up, then add the lettuce and garlic.  Sprinkle some salt over the top, and saute it until cooked.

I’m pretty sure this is what Asian cultures do on a regular basis, but it never occurred to me to do this before.  I shudder to think of how much lettuce I have tossed out when I could have sauteed it instead.

Getting lettuce to last longer can be frustrating.  Sometimes it seems that it starts wilting after just a few days.  One thing you can do is buy lettuce by the head, instead of prepackaged, already cut.  It will last much longer if you cut it yourself when you are ready to use it, since prepackaged lettuce often ends up as wilted lettuce.

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