Unusual Pizza IdeasLast night we had pizza. Two, in fact. One was sort of a Mediterranean pizza while the other was a typical mix of pepperoni and sausage. Nothing very interesting. This got me to wondering if there are unusual pizzas, so I did a bit of research. Turns out there are a ton of pizzas that don’t follow the norm of cheese, meats, and/or veggies!

If you haven’t ever thought about unique pizzas, then you are in for a treat. People have put some serious thought into how to make unusual pizzas, and you may be surprised by a few of the creations. I know I was.

It’s time to think outside the (pizza) box with unusual pizza toppings. This post is dedicated to bringing you unusual pizza topping ideas that you may not have considered before. Enjoy!

Crab and Pineapple Pizza

Talk about your unusual pizza toppings! I wouldn’t have ever thought of combining crab and pineapple, but this has gotten pretty good reviews. I suppose you need to like crab to consider making this.

Click here to see the Crab and Pineapple Pizza recipe

Chicken and Cranberry Pizza (with Brie and Almonds)

This sounds delicious! Some people thought it was a little bland as instructed, so jazzed it up by swapping out the brie and using asiago or blue cheese instead. A sweet onion would also be a good addition.

If you have leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, you could substitute the chicken with turkey.

Click here to see the Chicken and Cranberry Pizza recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pizza

Oh, I think I would die and go to Heaven if I tried this pizza! Chocolate and peanut butter are my kryptonite, so this would surely be my undoing.

It only takes about 15 minutes to put this pizza together, and about another 15 to cook it. This would be a great dessert to make with your kids.

Click here to see the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pizza recipe

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pizza

This is another dessert pizza that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to pass up. Instead of using a traditional pizza dough for crust, this one uses a brownie.

Be sure to involve the kids when you make this one.

Possible alternatives are to:

  • Use Nutella instead of peanut butter
  • Use whipped cream instead of cream cheese
  • Use walnuts (or some other nut) instead of peanuts
  • Skip the bananas if you don’t think this will be a good ingredient, or only add them to half the pizza if you want to try it but still have the option of not having them on the other half

Click here to see the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pizza recipe

Pinwheel Pizza Loaf

Talk about unusual pizza shapes! This pizza is actually rolled into a pinwheel. This recipe has rave reviews, and is easier to make than you might think.

Are you brave enough to try this unusual pizza? I have to admit that I’m not. I think I’ll stick with my favorite, pepperoni, mushrooms, banana peppers, and artichoke hearts.

Click here to see the Pinwheel Pizza Loaf recipe

Sweet Potato and Curried Red Lentil Pizza

Sweet potatoes are my absolute favorite vegetable, so this is the pizza I’d most likely make first! You might need to use a fork and knife to eat this pizza, though. I doubt the dough would hold up to the moisture in the lentils.

Click here to see the Sweet Potato and Curried Red Lentil Pizza recipe

So, there you are. A bunch of unusual pizza ideas to kick start your tastebuds. Some sound better than others, and some I’d be willing to try, though not all. I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to pizza. What are some of your unusual pizza passions?

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