Kidde Kitchen Fire ExtinguisherThis might seem like a strange post to add to a cooking site, but it actually makes sense.  I have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen, and I sincerely hope that you do, too.

A very good friend of mine actually had a kitchen fire that destroyed her kitchen in a matter of minutes.  Her fire started when she was heating up grease in a pan for cooking.  She stepped away for just a moment, and returned to see flames.  She did not have a fire extinguisher to put it out (luckily, no one was hurt).

Finding the right fire extinguisher for your kitchen is not easy. You need an extinguisher you can use for kitchen fires and small household fires, which is easy to use and move around.  You don’t want it too big because you need to fit it out of the way where it is easily accessible.

Tests were done on fire extinguishers designed for small home fires.  These were tested in a fire practice area with cement floors and metals walls.

Small extinguishers are often more effective and they are easier to handle.  Bear in mind that you only have a short period of time to stop a fire once from when it starts, after that you must call 911 and evacuate the area.

Some of the common kitchen fire starters are grease and kitchen towels catching alight.  Being able to grab your extinguisher, read the instructions and get the fire under control within a short period of time is what determines the best fire extinguisher for the home.

Some extinguishers that were tested made matters worse, especially when it came to grease fires.  Some extinguishers had so much force they sent burning kitchen towels flying and thereby spreading the fire to other parts of the kitchen.  Others sprayed a huge cloud of chemicals which damaged appliances.  Although damaged appliances are better than a burned out home.

Fire blankets are effective, but it can be daunting walking towards a fire holding up a blanket.  They keep the fire down but do not put it out immediately and can take up to 20 minutes before the fire stops.  If you try lifting the blanket to switch off the burner, the fire just leaps back into action.

When choosing a fire extinguisher for your home you need to ensure that it is easy to figure out how to use it, it is comfortable to hold and spray, the spray is well controlled, it can put out fires in seconds and it doesn’t damage your appliances.

Kidde kitchen fire extinguisher won on all levels.  It put a grease fire out with ease in seven seconds and stopped the burning kitchen towel in its tracks in a mere twenty seconds.  A Kidde fire extinguisher won’t put a big dent in your wallet, and at least one is a must in any home.

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