Sauteed MushroomsIf you are new to cooking, as I am, then this video on how to saute mushrooms will be helpful to you.  One of the mistakes I often make when I cook food is that I do not let the pan heat up enough before I start cooking.  The very first thing taught in this video is to start sauteing in a pan that is heated to medium high or high heat.  I won’t make that mistake again!

Before cooking the mushrooms, you need to decide how many you want.  Mushrooms will shrink to about half their size, so take that into consideration when preparing mushrooms.  And, you don’t want to soak your mushrooms to clean them.  Wash them under running water, then pat them dry.

Next, you need to add oil (not too much!) to the heated pan.  Add the mushroom to the heated pan and oil.  The mushrooms will absorb the oil as they cook, so do not be tempted to add more oil.  As they continue to cook, the mushrooms will eventually release the oil and moisture within them.

Saute them until they are a nice brown color.  If you want to season them, wait until they have finished cooking to do so.  You can sprinkle them with a little salt, or even garlic powder (yum!).

If you want to get really creative, you can add chopped onions to the pan while cooking the mushrooms.  Cooked mushrooms go great with steak.  Just be sure to get the timing right so you can saute mushrooms while your steak is cooking.

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