Roasted Potato RecipeI am excited to start cooking, but am beginning by easing myself in with a roasted potato recipe.  Perhaps you thought I’d start out by doing an entire meal.  Nope, that is much too intimidating to me.  I’m starting small, with this side dish, while my husband creates the main dish.  He is grilling out some food while I do the potatoes and steam some brussel sprouts.  Learning how to cook will come after many small victories for me.

I just checked the video I took and see that I’m wearing my Cheshire Cat hat.  Oops!  I forgot to take it off first…  We were at the pool and I had it on to keep my eyes shaded.  Oh, well.

As for this recipe, I picked it from one of my many cookbooks called “Roasting” by Barbara Kafka.  This is a book I’ve had for ages and don’t think I’ve ever used.  It cooks food at very high temps (I cooked the potatoes in the oven at 500 degrees).

After cooking the potatoes for 15 minutes, I stirred them and added garlic cloves. The curious part about this step is that the cloves are left covered in their natural covering. That seems strange to me, but I suppose it will roast the garlic. The book doesn’t talk about what we are supposed to do with the garlic after it is cooked.

Want to see me as I prep the potatoes?  Check out the video below (yes, you will get to see my silly hat).  In it I rub olive oil onto my beautifully cut potatoes.

In case anyone is wondering, I used my Le Presse to cut the potatoes, which was super easy to do!  Also, in the video, I said I broiled the potatoes, but this was wrong.  I roasted them in the oven.

Oh, I forgot to mention how the potatoes turned out – they were delicious!  They were supposed to be sprinkled with rosemary, but I didn’t have any.  Instead I used Italian seasoning, because it includes rosemary.  I would make this again in a heartbeat, and I love how easy this roasted potato recipe was.

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