Tossing Pizza DoughThis post is a little out of the blue because it does not have anything to do with cooking.  It is food related, though, so I guess I am keeping (somewhat) on topic with it.

Do not ask me why, but I suddenly wanted to see a video of someone tossing a pizza.  Not like you might see in an Italian restaurant, but really good tossing.  Professional, even.  I did not know if such a thing exists, so I did a search on YouTube.

You’ve just got to love that wonderful video channel!  Turns out that there are not only lots of videos of people twirling dough, but there are even pizza tossing competitions, with the most amazing tossing I have ever seen!

The video below shows a guy named Patt Miller in one of the rounds at the World (!) championship in 2010.  It was held in Italy, which is so very appropriate.

Check out the way he grabs blobs of dough and starts twirling them into flat pies.  He even juggles the dough, all while spinning it.  Amazing!

Unfortunately for this guy, he dropped one of the pizzas, and this cost him a chance at the finals, and he ended up placing 7th.  It does not, however, lessen the “Wow!’ factor from me.  I could never do what he does, and he makes it look so gosh darn easy.

I can only imagine how long it takes to learn how to toss pizza dough like this guy does.  Then, it would take years of practice to make it to the pizza tossing championship.  For me, I’m quite happy to stay home and simply watch pizza tossing on my computer.

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