Organize RefrigeratorMy husband loves salad dressing.  Seriously.  At any given time we have about 10 different types of dressings in the fridge.  Imagine how much fun it is sorting through all those bottles to find what you want.  It drives me nuts!

Well, I have come up with a way to organize your refrigerator.  My solution?  To use plastic storage totes.  That might seem like a strange thing to put in your fridge, but it actually works really well.

The reason the totes work well is because I can remove one tote and have easy access to all the dressings, or whatever else is in them, without having to rummage through the refrigerator itself.

If this doesn’t make sense, then watch the video below.  I show you exactly what I have done to our refrigerator, and what the storage totes look like.

The totes that I am using are called shoe box storage containers.  The are made of plastic and are approximately the size of shoe boxes.  I use them in just about every room of my house, and have found that they are incredibly versatile when it comes to storing and stacking.  They are pretty inexpensive, and will help you organize your refrigerator, just as I have done.

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