Honey RecipeEarlier this morning I posted about how I made almond butter.  This made me think of peanut butter, which made me think of honey (and now you have a sneak peak into how my train of thought works!).  Honey is one of my favorite things.  Chocolate doesn’t do much for me, but give me peanut butter mixed with honey any day and I’m a happy camper.

Thinking about honey made me think of milk and honey.  Sure, I’ve heard that phrase many times, but never really thought about it.  Do people really mix milk and honey?  Is it any good?  I decided to find out.

After searching, I found a few recipes, but I wasn’t crazy about how they sounded.  So, I decided to come up with my own version.

Before I get to my recipe creation, I want to share a tip.  If you need to measure honey, or any ingredient that is sticky, then you can do something really simple to help.  Coat your measuring spoon or cup with oil before adding the sticky ingredient.

You can see me drink the results of my creation for the first time in the video below.  I created it, but hadn’t tried it yet.  I also hadn’t let it cool enough before I drank it.  Now that it has cooled, it is even better.  The subtle taste of honey is more pronounced than when it was hotter.

Honey is one of nature’s most amazing foods.  I seem to recall hearing somewhere that it is the only food that doesn’t go bad.  Apparently, there was 2,000 year old honey discovered that was still edible.  Not sure I’d want to be the one taste testing that one…

Does honey help pollen allergies improve?  Yep.  It might seem a bit backwards, but apparently honey made from bees in your local area helps your body build up immunities to the pollen in your area.  I learned that one from my daughter’s allergist.  My daughter isn’t too big on honey, but maybe I can entice her with this milk and honey recipe.

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