Chipotle MarinadeA great Mexican marinade will add zest to chicken, pork, and fish.  Sure, you can buy marinade at your local grocery store, but why do that when you can just as easily make your own.  The end results are so much better when you have made the marinade yourself.

This recipe is a combination of chipotle and pepper that has been pureed together, with fresh lime juice added to it.  When shopping for the chipotle peppers, look for one that is made with adobo sauce.

Chef Brian in the video below used two cans of the chipotle peppers.  Add your pepper mixture to your blender, then puree it.  Scoop some into a bowl, and pour fresh lime juice over it.  If limes are not in season where you live, you can use lime juice from a bottle, but it won’t be quite as fresh tasting.

Be generous with your lime juice, since you want this to be liquidy (is that a word?).  Mix is with some chipotle peppers until is is nicely combined.  Then, pour it over your meat of choice and let it marinade for an hour or more.  The longer it marinades, the stronger the flavor.

Wondering what adobo sauce is?  I’m not afraid to admit that I didn’t know what it was.  Turns out adobo is Spanish for marinade, so that makes perfect sense why you would want to look for chipotle peppers that have been prepared in adobo sauce.  This is one Mexican marinade that sounds delicious!

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