Kitchen KnifeYesterday my oldest daughter made it clear to me that she wanted me to cut up a watermelon we had bought.  I figured this out after hearing her sharpen a rather large knife.

Knife sharpening is not a skill I have taught my children.  I’m not sure that it is a good thing for my 11 year old to have taken this on herself.  But it made me realize that I honestly do not know the proper technique when it comes to keeping my knives sharp.  The block they came with includes a long, metal sharpener (which I just learned is called a steel), but my use of it has been haphazard at best.

It is one thing to read how to properly sharpen a knife, and another to see it in action.  So for this lesson, I turned to the Internet.  As you can imagine, I found a video that showed me exactly what I need to do.  It also shows how to tell if your knives are sharp enough or have dull blades.  This was something I had never considered beyond my rubbing my finger ever-so-carefully along a knife’s edge.  I also found out that even sharp knives can act dull if not properly sharpened.

After watching the above video, I realized that I have been sharpening knives wrong.  I’ve been holding the knives upside down with the blades pointed up, not down the way the man in the video showed.  Looks like I have a new project – to go sharpen all my kitchen knives!

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