Wow!  It wasn’t my intention to take an extended vacation from this site, but that’s exactly what I ended up doing.  My sincere apologies for my absence.  It was caused by multiple visits from family members, and my husband was gone for 10 days this summer.  All of this resulted in me getting out of several routines, including cooking and posting on here.

For those who are wondering how I did with cooking while I was quiet here on the site, well, to be honest, fairly horrid.  Yes, I am still struggling to cook.

I made very few family meals.  On the plus side, while my husband was gone for 10 days, I fed our kids balanced meals each night.  Granted, I didn’t stray far from such staples as grilled cheese and spaghetti.  The good news is that I included good sides for the meals, such as yogurt, fresh fruit, and tomatoes.

Since my husband’s return, he has been on a diet.  I’ve been good about making him spinach salads and cooking salmon that is pre-marinaded.  He loves the salmon (I get it at Sam’s Club – it’s the only place I can find it).  Unfortunately for me, I hate salads and salmon, so this is made just for him, and not for the family.

I’ve been cooking the salmon on my George Foreman grill.  The more I use my indoor grill, the more I love it!  It’s amazing versatile.  I will probably create a video and post about my grill.  It has add-ons and isn’t a basic Foreman grill, which is why I will probably create a video.

It’s good to be back, and I need to get back on track with meals.  I will be much more active here on the site, without such long absences.

Oh, yeah!  I almost forgot to mention.  While rummaging around for something in our attic, I found a box of books that contains a lot of cookbooks.  Several of them are pretty old, so I have more recipes I can share here on the site.

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