How To Slice BreadOne of my favorite cooking tasks is to make bread with my bread maker, but how to slice bread is not anything I’ve given much thought to.

Earlier today I learned that I should have cared about this, since I have been slicing my bread wrong.  You need to take care when cutting homemade bread, regardless of whether it was made with a cooking appliance or baked in the oven.

Have you ever attempted to slice your home baked bread, only to have it either completely smoosh your loaf, or have the slice turn out badly cut?  Fear not!  I found a video that shows how to slice bread with ease.

First, you will need a loaf of bread that is completely cooled (cooking bread is fun, so this part should be easy to do).  Then, you will also need a sharp serrated knife and a cutting board.

Place your bread on the cutting board, and turn the loaf on its side (this is the secret to a nice, clean cut).  Take the knife and gently saw through the loaf.  Don’t apply too much pressure as you saw, since this will crush the loaf.

There will still be crumbs with this method, but they will be greatly diminished compared to slicing the loaf when it is flat on the cutting board.

Your first few attempts may not be as neat as you will see in the video below, but with practice you will have professional looking slices.

This was a new method to me – it has never occurred to me to slice my breads on their sides.  I have a few bananas sitting on my counter that are getting ripe, so I look forward to making some yummy banana bread and using this technique.

Many thanks to Coreen Shakes from eHow Food for sharing her technique on how to slice bread.

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