Prepare Butternut SquashAlthough I love pumpkin and acorn squash, butternut squash is a vegetable I haven’t tried (alright, I know that squashes are technically a fruit, but I’m sticking with calling them veggies).  This video, though, has me tempted to try, since it looks so easy to prepare them for cooking.  It took the woman in the video all of about two minutes to prep the squash.  Less, actually.

She starts out by placing the squash on a wooden cutting board.  This is important, because cutting one of these open on your countertop is just asking to damage or ruin it.

Once she has a firm grip on the squash with one hand, she then stabbed it in the middle with the knife, until the knife touched the cutting board.  The cut was going to be long-ways.  She did not mention what type of knife to use, and I don’t yet know the names of knives, but just make sure it is big and strong.  I suspect a tough veggie like this could break a weak knife.

After stabbing the knife, she then forced it down towards the cutting board.  She then flipped the squash, with the knife still inside, and proceeded to push the knife upwards, towards her other hand.

I would like to pause a moment and say that this video has a lot of criticism because of the above action.  Many people complained that what she did was highly dangerous.  So, please take care when cutting your own squash.  As for me, I’m pretty sure I will just keep pushing down on the knife until it goes all the way through.

The other half still needed to be cut, so she repeated the previous action of cutting the other half of the squash.  She managed to cut the other half without flipping it and pulling the knife up and towards her, so that proves it can be done.

Next, she scooped out the seeds.  She said it can now be cooked with the peel on, or it can be peeled if you want.  I have no idea what is better as far as taste goes, but I imagine it will hold its shape better if it is baked with the skin on, as I’ve done with acorn squashes and pumpkins.

Butternut squash is a popular ingredient in soups.  This makes sense, since it is a winter squash, and warm soup on a cold day is a treat.  The nutritional value of butternut squash is very good, so it is something I will look for next fall or winter.

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