Garlic ClovesNow that I know the proper way to crush garlic, I figure I should back up a bit and learn how to peel garlic.  You can’t crush it before the cloves have been peeled, right?  Well, I suppose you could, but the end result would be a bit less pasty than I’d want…

If you have a beautiful garlic clove, set it on your counter or cutting board and apply pressure on it with the palm of your hand.  You don’t have to press very hard, since you are not trying to crush it.  The purpose of this is to loosen the individual cloves.

Now that the cloves are free of the, um, whatever it is called (yeah, that was pitiful, I know…), throw away the papery covering.  Now you will need to get a large knife and place it sideways onto an individual clove.

You will carefully hit the blade of the knife with the palm of your hand, but be very careful!  If you don’t have it just right on the clove, the knife can roll off the garlic clove and cut your hand.

If you have done this correctly, the skin of the clove will come off very easily, and your hand is intact.

Although there is a slight element of danger in peeling garlic, it looks a lot easier than the method I have been using. Up until now, I was removing the garlic skin with my fingers, and would occasionally get paper cuts underneath my fingernail.  This method of how to peel garlic will be much more user friendly on my fingers!

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