Crack An EggAs you might already know, my refrigerator recently stopped cooling.  The contents inside were subjected to room temperature for too long, and we had to throw away a lot of food.

Sadly for us, I had just bought a pack of 18 eggs (we like eggs) and the entire pack was no longer good.  At least, I wasn’t willing to use any in cooking recipes to find out if they were still good.  So, my stepdaughter gleefully tossed each and every egg down the disposal.

It was only after she was done that I realized we had missed a great opportunity.  We could have used all the eggs to learn how to crack an egg properly.

Although that opportunity is now gone, that doesn’t mean I can’t still learn.  Instead of using rotten eggs, I decided to find a video to teach me to break an egg the right way.  Truth be told, I’m glad I did, because I now know that I’ve been cracking eggs the wrong way for pretty much my entire life by cracking them on the side of a bowl.

The video below taught me that cracking an egg on the side of a bowl or on a counter can cause small pieces of egg shell to mix in with the egg.  Not good.

The proper way to crack an egg is to break it on the flat surface of your counter, and then pull the two egg pieces apart.  This will allow the egg to drop safely into the bowl without any egg shells going with it.

All this time I’ve been so close to doing it properly (at least, this is true when I’ve used the counter, if not the bowl).  Cracking an egg open the proper way is just a matter of using the top of the counter, not the edge.  Easy enough!  Now, if I can only figure out how to crack an egg with one hand…

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