Hot CocoaHot cocoa is one of those scrumptious drinks that brings us back to happy childhood memories.  Most recipes for this hot drink combine milk with sugar and cocoa powder, with a few additional items added here and there.  Or, you can buy premade cocoa mixes.

Forget cocoa mixes.  Make your own!  While browsing through one of my old cookbooks, I found a recipe for cocoa that looks different than other cocoa recipe that I have seen before.  I hope you enjoy this.

Cocoa is something we take for granted today, but cocoa seeds (commonly known today as cocoa beans) were once used as a form of currency by the ancient Aztecs.  That speaks highly to the value that was placed on these chocolatey beans.  I am very grateful that today all I have to do is run to the store and pick up a container of cocoa powder, and that I can enjoy hot cocoa whenever the urge strikes.

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