Fried Eggs for DinnerTonight I was asked three different times, “What’s for dinner?”  Each time a shiver went up my spine…

After looking in the fridge to see what was available, I decided on eggs.  Eggs are one of the few meal options that we all agree on (although my stepdaughter declined the offer of eggs).  We already have hard boiled eggs ready to be eaten, but my children said they wanted fried eggs.  So, we have fried eggs for dinner.

To round out the meal, I also steamed some brussel sprouts (one of the few vegetables I love), and my girls had cherry tomatoes.  While I think tomatoes in any form are foul, they eat cherry tomatoes as if they were grapes.  They simply love them (blech!).

Dinner might have been a bit unorthodox, but at least I created a meal that was nutritious and well-rounded.  Except for my stepdaughter, who simply had a hot dog (blech, again!).

Out of curiosity, I found a video about how to cook fried eggs.  I was surprised to learn that you can tell if an egg is fresh based on how it cooks.  Apparently, the yolks of fresh eggs sit higher up on the egg whites, while the yolks of older eggs sink in.  Interesting!  I paid no attention to the eggs I fried, so don’t know if they were fresh or not, but I suspect they were a bit stale.  They sure tasted good, though, even if I cooked mine on both sides, instead of sunny side up, like in the video.

The man in the video also said to cook the eggs on medium heat, so that the bottoms don’t brown.  That is a mistake I did make tonight.  My eggs were crispy brown on the bottom.

One thing I noticed is that he used kosher salt instead of table salt.  I do know the reason for this (yeah, me!).  Kosher salt has less sodium, making it a great choice for cooking, especially for people who need to watch their sodium intake.

Remember the commercials from a few years (decades?) back that said, “The incredible, edible egg?”  Well, the next time you are stuck for a meal idea, consider having fried eggs for dinner.

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