Fresh EggThis morning I performed a fresh egg test on three eggs that have been in my fridge for a while.  I wanted to make sure they were still safe to eat before I used them.

You can do this simple egg test yourself to make sure your egg is safe for eating and has not turned into a bad egg.  This is an important thing to do, especially if you are unsure how long an egg has been in your refrigerator, or they are past their expiration date, before you use it in a cooking recipe or eat it.

To begin, get a wide glass, mug, or pitcher and fill it with cold water.  Clear containers work best so you can see the egg from all angles, not just from the top.  Cold water is a must for this test.  If you are worried that your water is not cold enough, add ice cubes.

Place your egg in the water and let go.  A fresh egg will quickly drop to the bottom, as if it is a rock.  If your egg drops a bit slowly but bounces a lot at the bottom, then it is starting to get old, but is still okay to be eaten.

If, however, your egg floats at the top of the container, it is an expired egg and should be thrown away.  Do not use an egg that floats or you risk getting seriously ill.

It is important that you follow egg safety.  Store your eggs in the cartons they are packaged on the lower or middle shelfs.  Do not store them in the door shelves, since that exposes them to too much warm air.  Raw eggs will stay fresh for about 4-5 weeks, but it is good to use the fresh egg test as your eggs near their expiration dates.

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