Cut Like a Professional ChefYou can cut like a professional chef using a knife to slice herbs, dice onions or cut meat.  The best part is that is not at all difficult. Use this new technique to make mince herbs or dice onions in front of friends when cooking, making you look like a pro.

There are two main grips when using a knife.  The first is the handle grip where your thumb and forefinger are on the handle of the knife.  The second is the blade grip where the thumb and forefinger hold the top of the blade of the knife; this grip also gives more control over the tip of your blade and is easier if you have large hands.

Using your non knife hand is essential to direct your knife when cutting, enabling you to make even slices.  You make this hand into a bear like claw and tuck your thumb behind your fingers and away from the blade.

For this example we are going to pretend you are cutting an onion.  Cut the onion in half and then place the flat side down on a chopping board, use your bear like non knife hand to stabilize the onion on the board.  Place the flat side of the blade against your knuckles and push down and forwards, making a perfect even slice.

When slicing the whole onion, use the curve of the blade to guide you, as you push the blade down and forwards in a nice fluid motion.  As you slice ensure that you keep the blade of the knife against your knuckles and slowly move your knuckles back after each slice for even cuts.

Always keep your knives sharp; this will enable you to cut with ease in a smooth motion.

Cutting or mincing herbs is a similar principle as cutting an onion except you bunch your herbs into a ball and hold them with your non knife hand.  With the flat part of the blade against your knuckles, push down and forwards as you would when slicing an onion.

Once you have sliced all the herbs.  Put the tip of the knife on the cutting board next to the herbs and hold it in place with your non knife hand, to hold the tip in place.  The tip must stay in contact with the board throughout this exercise.  Use a rapid rocking motion over the herbs until they are nicely minced and ready to be used in your favorite pasta or salad.

After mastering the art of using your knife with ease you will be the centre of attention at any dinner party.  Your food will be evenly sliced and you are able to do it with ease and confidence when you use your knife to cut like a professional chef.

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