Convection Oven CookingI have a convection oven but cooking with a convection oven eludes me.  I pretty much use it as a regular oven, and turn on the convection fans only when I want to speed up the cooking but have no idea what I should be doing.

As you can probably guess, I was able to find a video that provides great tips on using this type of oven.  From what I understand, most recipes can be adapted for convection oven cooking.  The tips shared in this video will help you do this.

  • Lower the designated temperature by 25 degrees (if your recipe says to cook something at 350, lower it to 325).
  • Shorten the cooking time by 25%.  This is necessary because the circulating air cooks food quicker.
  • Use any rack in the oven.  Many recipes say to place an item in a specific location within the oven, such as the center rack, but this is not important with convection cooking.  There are no hot or cold spots when the fan is on.
  • Use a shallow pan.  The lower the edge, or lip, of the pan, the better the circulating air can flow over the food.  Higher edges block the flow of air, and will prevent food from getting fully cooked or crisped.
  • Use cookware that is light or bright in color.  Dark cookware will cook food quicker, causing excessive crisping or browning.  Lighter and brighter is more conducive to the heat that is being circulated by the convection fans.

For those who don’t know, a convection oven is one that has a fan inside that blows the hot air evenly around the cooking food.  The circulating air helps speed up the process of cooking, though I had no idea about how the technical aspect of this process works before I watched this video.  Now, I have a much better understanding of convection cooking, and I will now know how proper cooking with a convection oven.

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