Cooking Tip - Mark Your CookbooksI have a cooking tip to share that is something I have been doing for years.  Whenever I make a new recipe from one of my cookbooks, I mark the page that the recipe is on and add notes.  Skinny post-it notes are perfect for this, and I keep some in a drawer in my kitchen (which you will see in the video below).  I just pull off one of the sticky notes and put it at the top of the page, so half of the sticky note sticks out of the book.  That way, whenever I am looking for a cookbook I can see without opening it if I have made any recipes from it.

As for adding notes to the recipe itself, I simply write down my thoughts, and sometimes the thoughts of my family, about the recipe.  Did I love it?  Hate it?  Did it take too long to make?  Whatever it is, that’s what I write down.

Don’t forget to document any modifications you may have made to the recipe.  Sometimes I like to add things, or substitute ingredients, and documenting the results is a great way to know if I should do it again in the future.

If this doesn’t really make sense, don’t worry.  Just watch the video below to see what I do.  You might notice that the sun was shining in my eyes – it seems I chose exactly the wrong time of day to film this in my kitchen.  Sorry about that!  Regardless, I hope this cooking tip is helpful to you, as it has been to me, even if I don’t yet know how to cook!

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