Pizza StoneLast night my husband, being the great cook that he is, baked a pizza on a pizza stone that we have.  We’ve had this stone for a while, but I have to admit that I’ve never been sure of the best way of cleaning a pizza stone.  Now that I am faced with having to clean ours, I decided to look up the proper method for cleaning a baking stone.

After watching the above video, I realize I’ve been cleaning my stone incorrectly.  To properly clean your own baking stone, you will need the following items:

  • Wooden spatula
  • Soft nylon brush
  • Hot water

First, don’t wait for your stone to cool down (this is an error I’ve been making).  Use the wooden spatula to scrape any excess food off the stone while it is still warm.  The scraped off food will reveal darker colors in the stone.  Don’t worry about this.  The stains won’t be removed, and are completely normal.

Next, turn on the hot water and run it over the stone.  Take your nylon brush and use it to scrub the stone while the water is running over it.

Do NOT use soap or any type of cleaning product on your stone.  This is important because any cleaning products you use will be absorbed into the stone because it is very porous.  The next time you bake with your stone, it could release the soap or chemicals and your food will taste like soap or cleaners.

Rinse your stone, then dry it completely with a dry towel.

You can give your stone a good deep clean by placing it into your oven whenever you use the cleaning cycle on your oven.

Now I know how to clean my baking stone.  It was much easier than I initially thought.  My biggest mistake was using soap on my pizza stone, which is something I will not do again!

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