Chipotle Salmon RecipeLove salmon but are unsure what to flavor it with?  Try this chipotle recipe.

Make sure there are no bones in your salmon fillet.  You can do this by rubbing your fingers over the fish, against the bones.  When you find one, use a pair of pliers to pull it out.

Want to make your own chipotle pepper puree, as seen in the video?  You can get the recipe for that at  Maybe you have never paid attention to whether or not the salmon you buy is wild or farm raised, but you should.  Farm raised salmon is fed grains and cereals, and isn’t pink.  The only reason these salmon are pink is because they have red dye injected into their flesh.  Yuck!

Plus, wild salmon is much healthier for you than farm raised fish.  They contain far more omega three fatty acids, which are wonderful for you.  They are also leaner and contain less fat, and they taste better.  So, the next time you shop for salmon, be sure to buy only wild salmon.  And, when you want to cook it up, use this chipotle recipe and impress your guests or family.

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