America's Test KitchenOne of the cookbooks that I find myself returning to time and time again is my “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook.”  It is full of recipes, as well as great kitchen tips and advice.  What I did not know when I bought the book was that it is based on a TV show called “America’s Test Kitchen.”

They are devoted to trying out both recipes and gadgets so they can recommend only methods or items that work.  In other words, they do all the hard work, or buy all the kitchen gadgets, so we don’t have to.  We get to benefit from their hard work.

The video below shows their Gadget Guru, Lisa McManus, talking about this very thing.

It is pretty awesome having a group of people testing out gadgets, and then sharing their results.   As someone who loves, and has many, kitchen tools, this is very helpful.

America’s Test Kitchen is a 30 minute cooking show that has been on the air since  January of 2001.  It is still being produced, with no end in site.  It was created by Cook’s Illustrated, which is a very popular magazine for cooks.

I have not yet seen the show, since I only recently learned about it.  But, I look forward to finding it on my local cable lineup and watching.  No doubt this show will help me on my quest to learn how to cook.

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