Baked Pear RecipePears are an overlooked fruit.  At least, this is true for me.  I am not crazy about raw pears, so I do not eat them much.  In fact, I avoid pears.

This is sad, though, because I have forgotten how delicious a baked pear dessert is.  Pears that have been baked have a completely different consistency than those that are uncooked.

Baking pears is simple.  The following video will show you just how easy it is.

You can make this easy dessert recipe by following the instructions below:

Popular cooking pears include Bosc and Anjou types.  You can also use Bartletts, but you want to avoid Comice, since they do not hold up well when cooked and will fall apart.  So make sure you choose the right pears when making this baked pear recipe.

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