Almond ButterYesterday I posted a peanut butter recipe.  This morning, while getting coffee ready for my husband and cereal for my children, I noticed that I have a bag of almonds that we have not yet eaten.  Inspired by the thought of making homemade peanut butter, I wondered how almond butter would taste, so I pulled out my Cuisinart food processor and the almonds.

Initially, the almonds just got cut up, but did not look like they were turning into any type of butter.  About three minutes into the processing, they started to clump together, so I knew things were going well.

A few times stopped the processing and used a spatula to scoop the almonds out of the corner of the bowl (it is round, so it is one continuous corner).

All in all, it took about 7-10 minutes for the almonds to release their oil and turn to almond butter.  I was working in the kitchen while the Cuisinart did its thing, so I am not exactly sure how long it took.

The metal blades were pretty warm when I turned the Cuisinart off, so I’m sure that the heat of the blades helped release the oil from the nuts.  I then scooped the contents into an airtight container and have it in the fridge.  On a sidenote, I previously mentioned that I rarely use my food processor.  That will soon be changing, since I am going to make my own peanut butter from now on – it’s too easy not to do.

My kids were neutral on it (they don’t like almonds so I wasn’t surprised), but my husband and I really like it.  He liked it so much that he had me make a toasted English muffin topped with our new homemade almond butter.

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